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T H E   B A R I N G   W I T N E S S   F I L M   P R O J E C T

Since Baring Witness was conceived,
Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell have had the dream of making a documentary.
The revelations arising from the original concept took them on a journey through evolutionary research, Darwinian theories of sexual selection
and the science of gender differences. Their book, Seduction Redefined, is the result, and it shows the way to a new paradigm of peace
and partnership in all human endeavor.
The working title for the documentary is The Eve Option.
A team of dedicated filmmakers and advisors are ready to make the dream come true.
The full story of the film and a proposal for investors and funders can be found online at
All we need is the start-up funding to begin the process.
Baring Witness is a project of Mow&Sow, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and will act as fiscal sponsor for The Eve Option.
Please make a tax-deductible donation to this new movement.


Katie Eberle


Katie Eberle is a creative professional and feet-first community organizer based in West Marin, California.
With her experience designing and launching marketing campaigns for print and digital publications, coordinating events,
conferences, and summits on a wide array of subjects, and offering branding and savvy website design to organizations
and individuals, she is honored to lend her expertise to The Eve Option.

Since earning a degree in Architecture and Sustainable Design and graduating with distinction from Colorado College,
Katie has worked at a college of art, several architecture firms, and a sustainable building consultancy.
She is continuing her creative and community-focused pursuits at Starkweather Studio.

The following luminaries have expressed interest in taking part in our film:

Alice Andrews – Evolutionary Psychologist; SUNY New Paltz
David P. Barash – Evolutionary Psychologist; U. of Washington 
Howard Bloom – Evolutionary Psychologist; New York
David Buss – Evolutionary Psychologist; UT Austin
Frans de Waal –Primatologist, Evolutionary Psychologist; Emory U.
Riane Eisler – Social Scientist, Author; Center for Partnership Studies, CA
 Dylan Evans - Evolutionary Psychologist; University College, Cork, Ireland
Helen Fisher – Biological Anthropologist; Rutgers U
 Judith Hand - Evolutionary Biologist; San Diego, CA
David Loye - Darwinian scholar; Center for Partnership Studies, CA
Geoffrey Miller - Evolutionary Psychologist; U. of New Mexico

Steven Pinker – Evolutionary Psychologist; Harvard U.
Gad Saad – Evolutionary Consumer Psychologist; Concordia U., Montreal
Leonard Shlain – Surgeon, Author; Marin County, California
Ursina Teuscher – Evolutionary Psychologist; UC San Diego
Griet Vandermassen – Darwinian Feminist; U. of Ghent, Belgium
Paul J. Watson – Evolutionary Biologist; U. of New Mexico